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Silly Goat Cafe, Broken Hill


A silly goat perhaps, but there’s nothing foolish about the delicious modern café fare and excellent coffee at this popular Broken Hill haunt.

Broken Hill’s café scene is vibrant but for many locals and visitors the jewel in its crown is The Silly Goat. Staffed by friendly ultra-hip guys and gals rocking denim overalls and asymmetric haircuts, the Goat exudes inner-city cool with its big wooden share table, tasty paleo meal options and decadent vegan cakes. The walls are lined with organic produce for sale, and the menu is as eclectic and modern as any café hidden down a Melbourne laneway.

The Silly Goat is a family affair spearheaded by Emily Keenan, who returned to her hometown of Broken Hill after several years learning all she knows about coffee in Sydney and Brisbane. She transformed her mother’s café on Argent Street into the trendy yet wholesome establishment it is today. Her mum and sister both work the kitchen, dishing up inspired food to eager customers, while her brother has a magic touch with the coffee machine. And what a job he does of it; the strong latte that arrived before me would rival that of any Sydney café. The Goat doesn’t just debunk the myth that you can’t get good coffee in the bush; it runs the myth through a grinder and hot drips it into a smooth macchiato.

Emily Keenan

And the food won’t disappoint, either. Call in for brekky and you’ll be spoilt with so many ridiculously delicious and creative options you’ll probably get through two and a half single-origin flat whites before you can even place your order. Standouts include Benny and the Eggs – poached eggs served on a toasted bagel with crispy fried kale and homemade hollandaise; Huevos Rancheros – a brekky burrito with fried eggs, refried beans, a spicy salsa and coriander; the Paleo Breakfast bowl – quinoa, poached eggs, green veg, garlic mushies and sauerkraut with seeds; and my personal favourite, the Brekky Tacos – pulled pork tacos with fried eggs, bean rancheros with smoked cheddar and tomato salsa.

I know what you’re thinking; it’s time you booked a trip to Broken Hill. I couldn’t agree more. 

The Silly Goat is located at 360 Argent St, Broken Hill, NSW. Call (08) 8088 4774 for more information.

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