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Silver City Art Centre and Mint, Broken Hill


Experience some of Broken Hill's hidden treasures.

The Silver City Art Centre and Mint, located in the heart of town, is a must see destination in Broken Hill. The centre is home to the world's largest acrylic canvas painting, the Big Picture, which measures 100 meters in length, and was completed entirely by one artist. Visitors are also treated to a huge collection of art from local and interstate artists. 

The centre is also known for their on-site Silversmithing, which can be viewed most days, and the wide range of exquisite jewellery available for purchase. Additionally, the centre houses the Broken Hill Chocolate Factory, which is well worth a visit for those with a sweet tooth.

The Silver City Art Centre and Mint is located at 66 Chloride St, Broken Hill, NSW. Click here for more information.

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