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Sir Henry Parkes Museum, Tenterfield


Experience a significant part of Australian history at the Sir Henry Parkes Museum.

The Sir Henry Parkes Museum is housed within Tenterfield’s Sir Henry Parkes Memorial School of Arts, a historic complex which also hosts the Tenterfield Public Library, function facilities and the Historic Cinema. Owned by the National Trust and operated by the Tenterfield Shire Council, the School of Arts employs a fresh and exciting approach to Australian history, culture and environment, with the central focus on Federation. Tenterfield is, after all, where the ‘Father of Federation’, five time NSW Premier Sir Henry Parkes, made his Federation call during a public address on October 24, 1889, with the very hall in which Parkes’ made his speech residing within the complex.

The museum tells Australian history through state of the art technology and exhibition design, ensuring enjoyment for today’s and tomorrow’s generations through museum themes based on exciting and innovative concepts combining architectural and historical presentations. These themes include Sir Henry Parkes’ Federation call, life and collections of Sir Henry Parkes, Tenterfield’s connection with Australian Federation, and Federation’s influence and impact on social, cultural and economic life.

However, the museum does not only stand to commemorate one of Australia’s great statesmen, but rather to perpetrate the meaning and purpose of Federation. The building itself is fascinating by way of architecture, as it comprises many styles from gothic through to Edwardian. The museum is an absolute must see in any visit to Tenterfield.

Sir Henry Parkes Museum is located at 147 Rouse St, Tenterfield, NSW. Click here for more information.

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