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Hidden Gems



Soundtrails are a collection of captivating audio experiences that allow you to discover regions, understand different cultures and learn about communities.

You can download the app to you smartphone or iPad, and listen as Soundtrails brings a place and its history to life. You will have the ability to see yourself on a GPS map, and as you wander freely through the sound fields, a wealth of memories, voices, myths and archival footage is on offer.

Watch this video from the 2015 Soundtrail in Tenterfield, NSW, to learn more.

The Tenterfield Soundtrail Promo from Steve Kwan.

How to use the Soundtrails App

1. Download the app via the links on this site
2. Download the individual Soundtrail you want to follow
3. Put on your headphones and start walking

If you’re on site you can walk in and out of stories as you follow the map on-screen. GPS will track your location so you trigger stories at specific places. If you’re somewhere else in the world, listen to stories by touching the pin icons on the map.

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