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Sunhill Dairy Goats Farm Tour, Uralla


A dairy with a difference, just 10 minutes from Uralla. 

The New England region has its agricultural roots in sheep and cattle grazing, but there’s a new kid on the block. Well, a herd of new kids, really.

Sunhill Dairy Goats is a 12-acre property outside Uralla, and is home to 45-odd purebred Saanen dairy goats. It’s also home to Corrine Annetts, Richard Downes and their three young children, who tend to the snowy white herd that has become the family’s business.

Sunhill Dairy Goats Farm

It all began when the family’s hobby farm goats were producing more milk than they needed for their own consumption, so Corrine began experimenting with cheese and moisturizer recipes. While the whole family loved the cheese, it was Corrine who particularly loved the skincare, her own skin being very dry and sensitive. She has since developed a complete range of products, from body wash to scrubs, eye cream and even ‘Bub Rub’; moisturizer for your baby.

The herd has grown since then and so has the product range. On the cheese front, Sunhill offers chevrotin, camembert, traditional and marinated feta, chevre and rolled ash, and they’re all delicious! You can try before you buy at Sunhill’s new shop front adjacent to the milking shed and commercial kitchen.

Cheese tasting

Corrine and Richard run farm tours, in which visitors get to meet the extremely friendly goats, see how they are milked and then try some cheese and beauty products. But beware, you will likely come away wanting a pet goat – they are very curious, entertaining animals. And best of all their milk and associated products are credited with being high in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, and is easier to digest than cow’s milk. Sunhill breeds goats at the farm, so if you’re lucky there’ll be some kids to play with, too. 

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