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Tenterfield Cottage, Tenterfield


Stay in a cosy, historic cottage in the heart of Tenterfield. 

If super cute and very cosy accommodation is what you look for when visiting little country towns, Tenterfield Cottage will be right up your alley. Perched high on the hill at the southern end of Tenterfield’s main street, this charming cottage welcomes visitors with a beautiful garden hidden behind a picket fence. Wander under two vine-clad archways as you walk the garden path towards the front porch and you’ll feel like you’ve arrived home.

Dating back to 1895, the cottage was renovated in 2010 and is equipped with a modern kitchen and bathroom, but the rustic country charm of yesteryear very much remains the theme. Think plush velvet bedheads, traditional country linen, teddy bears, ornamental mosquito nets, vintage lamps, black and white family photos and doilies draped lovingly over almost every piece of antique furniture.

Tenterfield Cottage

This place looks like your Nan’s house, in the warmest, most charming way possible. One would almost expect to see a side of corned beef simmering on the stove and a stout lady in a faded apron making white sauce and steaming greens in the kitchen.

There are three bedrooms, the main with a queen bed and an electric fire, the second with a king bed and a single, and the third set up as a self-contained unit. If you’re a couple or a single, you can opt to rent only the unit to save some pennies. The owner doesn’t rent the unit out if the house is booked, though, so worry not, you’ll still have it all to yourself. Alternatively, you can rent the whole kit and caboodle if you’re a larger family or a group; the unit is part of the house divided only by a lockable door.

Tenterfield Cottage

There’s a large deck with a BBQ and a fully fenced backyard with heaps of space for the kids or the dogs to play – that’s right, Tenterfield Cottage is also pet friendly. Always nice to know your best mate can come along, too.

Just a five minute walk to the shops and cafes of Tenterfield, this little cottage is a charming and convenient place to bunker down with your partner or your family for a cosy weekend.

Tenterfield Cottage is located at 121 Rouse St, Tenterfield, NSW. Book now to stay at Tenterfield Cottage.

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