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Hidden Gems

Tenterfield Soundtrail


Tenterfield Soundtrail

Located at the very tip of New South Wales, just 20km over the border, is Tenterfield. Not only is it surrounded by national parks, but Tenterfield is built upon a multitude of crossroads, including: between the coast and the western plains, state lines and traditional Aboriginal tribal lands.

The Tenterfield Soundtrail is a celebration of all the things that make this town unique and special. Beginning at the creek and moving along the main street of the busy town, you’ll laugh and delight in stories of what it means to be a local, talking cats, the ghosts of the jail, and German brass bands, to name a few.

Heartfelt and unforgettable, these are the sounds and the tales from the people of Tenterfield, produced by some world-class radio producers, and with a little help from the kids of St Joseph’s school. 


Getting over the line Aub Gillespie. Cat’s Got His Tongue John Sommerlad, Glenda O’Sullivan as ‘puss’. Boer War Battle Song sung by Bach Choir. South of the Border Ken Halliday, Terry Kneipp, Nancy Fox and Aub Gillespie. Brass Bands Audio from the Tenterfield Bavarian Music and Beer Festival 2015. Calling Cards Beryl Dean. Campdraft Kasey Petty, Bruce Petrie, Jim Landers and the Tenterfield Pony Club kids. Audio (footage) from shows in Tenterfield & Warialda. Listen! Dolly Jerome. He’s My Grandfather Too Terry Kneipp. How long before you’re a local? Thanks to students from St Joseph’s School and the school community. J. F. Thomas Ken Halliday, Daphne Struck & Terry Kneipp. Memorial Hall Nancy Fox, John Sommerlad & Sue Jurd. Manna From Heaven Gail Galloway & Michael Sullivan. Ray Tullipan Peter Harris, Tony Kelly, Aub Gillespie & Barry Brooks. Peter Harris is singing and playing Ray Tullipan’s songs ‘Waiting and praying for you’ & ‘Cross my heart’. Tent City Ian Unsworth. Now For Some Local History Brought to us by the St Joseph’s History Team. The Ghost of Tenterfield Jail Thanks to the helpful policeman at Tenterfield Police Station. Tenterfield Star Sue Jurd. Anzacs of Tenterfield by Welder’s Dog from their CD “Up to No Good” 2015. Henry Parks Dennis Scanlon. Weather Worn and Loving It Kerrie Andrew and Ashley Palmero from Breeze FM. Hidden Soundfields - Skate park Sound design by Hamish Sewell.

Thanks to The Catholic Schools Office in Armidale, the Tenterfield Historical Society and the Tenterfield Community for your support.


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