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Terry's Top Five


We ‘Take 5’ with the manager of Pinn Cottage Bed & Breakfast in Crookwell, Terry Chamberlain.

Where's a great place to enjoy a meal in Crookwell?

Have dinner at the Willow Vale Mill – my friend Graham does delicious food, just down the road at Laggan. I recommend all my guests enjoy a meal there.

Favourite way to enjoy the outdoors?

Take a drive through the countryside and enjoy the freedom and fresh air that it offers. It’s also the best way to truly appreciate being away from the big city. You’ll also get to see the gorgeous little villages around the place.

Best way to unwind?

Relax, put your feet up, stop and think. Take some time out of your busy life to take stock. Sit by a warm fire, take a long rambling walk, or just watch the sky as it changes colours throughout the day.

Top way to relax?

Make some art, free from distractions. I get a lot of artists spending time in the cottage. They need a space to work away from stress and hustle. It is a very inspirational place.

Best way to enjoy the outdoors?

There are so many good activities to enjoy around Crookwell – trout fishing and gold panning are both very popular; the Wombeyan Caves are also definitely worth a visit.

Pinn Cottage is located at 2 & 10 Prospect St, Crookwell, NSW. Click here to enquire or book.

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