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The Big Bogan, Nyngan


Nyngan has joined the ranks of Australian towns with Big Things with the unveiling of the Big Bogan!

The country town of Nyngan – which sits in the New South Wales Bogan Shire region – has unveiled the latest addition to Australia’s collection of Big Things: the Big Bogan.  Joining the likes of the Big Banana, the Big Pineapple and the Big Merino, the Big Bogan is set to draw in tourists from far and wide.

This impressive 5.96m tall statue features a surface area of 7.45 square metres and weighs approximately 1500kg. While made almost entirely of steel, the bogan’s esky features a 135mm thick hardwood lid to ensure the surface does not become too hot to sit on.

In addition to his esky, fishing rod and fairly sizeable fish, the Big Bogan also boasts a mullet, singlet, a pair of thongs, and a Southern Cross tattoo.

The Big Bogan is located in the Teamsters Rest Area in Pangee St, Nyngan, NSW.

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