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The Nickname Hall of Fame


Visit the home of the 'nickname' with a trip to Coonamble's quirky Nickname Hall of Fame.

It’s a great Australian tradition: taking people, places and things and honouring them with an alternative name - a nickname. Whether it’s an abbreviation or a completely new title, no one does this better than the townsfolk of Coonamble.  Located off the Newell Highway in central New South Wales, Coonamble is a classic country town where the weather is hot, the locals are friendly, the days are long and the names are short.

Coonamble’s ability to think outside the box can be attributed to a variety of factors, including its Aboriginal heritage. Not long after arriving on our shores, the European settlers discovered that the native habitants of our land quite enjoyed calling each other names that referred to their personality or appearance. These terms translated into humorous descriptions and perhaps were the inspiration for the national appreciation of nicknames that our country now has.

To really showcase the significance of these nicknames, the population of Coonamble has stayed true to form and created a museum dedicated to them. But rather than housing them in a large building or hall, they have transformed their town into a living, breathing museum!

Scattered around the central business district you’ll fine hilarious caricatures- complete with associated nicknames- mounted on the sides of shops, pubs and restaurants. There really is no excuse not to get to know the characters that make up the town, or the stories behind the nicknames! 

The Nickname Hall of Fame is located on Castlereagh St, Coonamble, NSW. Click here for more information.

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