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Ask a Local

Tilly’s Top 5


We ‘Take 5’ with Tilly Leahy from the Town Hall Coffee Shop in Glen Innes.

What’s your favourite place for dinner with friends?

My favourite place would either be at my house where I could maybe do a Mexican feast or a big roast lamb with all the extras, but if I were to go out for dinner it’d be Indian at the Red Clove, Yim Thai or the Club Hotel.

First place you take visiting family and friends?

Glen Innes is very naturally beautiful so one of the first places I would take my mates is either the balancing rock or just take them for a drive around the showground. 

A hidden gem we may not know about?

Well you can do fossicking here, and find some real gems!

Best spot to watch the sunset?

Up at the standing stones, you get an amazing view of the sun setting over the town.

Favourite picnic location?

My parents’ farm is really nice, I often go there to hang out with the cows and my dogs but there are also really lovely parks in town. 

The Town Hall Coffee Shop is located at 269 Grey St, Glen Innes, NSW.

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