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Toorale National Park


Get a taste of the true Aussie outback.

A car tour of Toorale National Park and State Conservation Area along the Darling River Run is a true outback adventure, a journey through a vast floodplain and along the meandering Darling River and its riverbanks.

It’s a great place for fishing and birdwatching. There are plenty of places such as at Many Big Rocks picnic area (Karnu Yalpa) to enjoy a riverside feast with the sights and sounds of abundant birdlife.

Bring your camping gear. It can be unpacked in a naturally rich area such as Darling River camp (Yapara Paaka Thuru). You’ll enjoy awe-inspiring skies over a floodplain landscape, with dramatic sunsets and intensely starry nights.

Drive to the Mt Talowla lookout (Withawithalaana) and take the Walking Track (Thina Yapa) for an expansive 360-degree view of the landscape. In good seasons the landscape comes to life with a surprising display of colourful wildflowers.

Toorale is 70km south-west of Bourke.

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