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Top 5 tips for holidaying with your pet


If you are planning a family holiday that includes bringing along your beloved furry friends, there’s no need to stress about the potential problems that can arise.

However, there are some unspoken rules (and known rules) about taking your pets on holiday, and we’ve rounded up a few handy guidelines to take note of.

1. Ensure your accommodation is pet-friendly before you leave

Pet-friendly accommodation

With the popularity of holidaying with pets on the rise, more and more accommodation providers are opening their doors to the four-legged brigade. This is especially true of caravan parks, a great number of which will take dogs, and some even providing designated off leash play areas for them.

Just make sure your accommodation is aware of your pet coming along with you, and it’s always worth ringing ahead to check if they have any specific rules and regulations.

2. Make sure your pet is vaccinated

Vaccinate your pet

If your furry friend is due for a vaccination, make sure that’s at the top of your priority list before you take off on your holiday.

Many pet-friendly accommodation options or kennels require proof of vaccination beforehand, so a quick trip to the vet is the easiest option. It’s also a great opportunity to update your pet’s registration and get it microchipped (if required).

3. Invest in the correct equipment to safely transport your pet

Transport your dog safely

You wouldn’t hit the highway if your kids didn’t have their seatbelts on, so why let your pet travel without hers? A car harness is a simple, cost effective way to keep your pet safe while still allowing them to feel like one of the family on the back seat. It’s also important in the event of an accident as your pet’s chances of injuring itself or other passengers are greatly reduced.

4. Pack well

Pack well

For a stress-free holiday with your pet, it’s important to pack everything you’ll need for them. This means a collar and lead, bedding, a spill-proof water bowl, dinner bowl, enough food to see you through plus some, plenty of poo bags, a winter coat if your destination is a chilly one, any medication and some chew toys to keep them busy in the car.

The more organized you are, the more enjoyable your holiday together will be.

5. Learn some basic obedience before you go

Learn basic obedience

Dogs don’t need to be able to perform cartwheels in order to make great pets, but they do need to know how to ‘sit’, ‘wait’ and ‘come’ on command, especially larger animals that are less easily controlled. You should have these commands mastered before setting off on a holiday together, especially if you hope for the holiday to be relaxing and stress-free.

By making sure you have complete control over your pet at all times, you’re guaranteeing the safety of you and your pet, as well as those around them.

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