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Town Bio



The small rural village of Torrington sits 29km south-west of Tenterfield and 61km south-east of Glen Innes atop the Mole Tableland. The area was once a hub for mining, but today is renowned for its natural beauty, with visitors treated to striking vistas of rocky granite outcrops, steep gorges and gentle streams.

Torrington has a broad range of activities for visitors including bushwalking and fossicking. It is also possible to visit prominent sites from the mining heyday, with sites such as Curnows, Dutchman, Scrubby Gully, and Five Head Stamper providing a fascinating insight into the Torrington of old.

Torrington State Recreation area is close by with more than 30,000ha of untamed wildlife. The area also features the famous Mystery Face, Thunderbolt’s Lookout and many other spectacular rock formations, streams and waterfalls. If you visit during spring, you will also be treated to a spectacular display of wildflowers. 

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