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Located in the Lachlan Shire of NSW, nearly two hours west of Dubbo, sits the unique rural town of Tottenham. While small in size, Tottenham boasts the title of being the closest town to the geographical centre of NSW, and owing to its prime position on the sealed Bogan Way – which links the Newell Highway to the Mitchell Highway – a visit to this engaging town is only too easy for those travellers wanting to get off the highways and soak up some incredible scenery. 

The township of Tottenham originated through the discovery of copper in 1903 and was proclaimed a village in 1907. Today, the town’s streets feature a range of refurbished shop facades and fine buildings, including the Tottenham Hotel built in 1931, and lush parks and gardens are on offer to facilitate relaxation.

Perhaps the town’s biggest claim to fame is that, in 2012, it was awarded the title of Most Outstanding Community in New South Wales and the ACT (with a population of 15,000 or less) in a competition organised by the Bank of New South Wales. The town’s win is owed to the sealing of its local airstrip (an act which became a necessity after the Royal Flying Doctor Service had not been able to land for a local medical emergency), the installation of kangaroo-proof fences around the perimeter, and the addition of night lighting, much of which came from private donations. The community also recruited their own doctor after the Health Department said that no suitable doctor could be found, and five locals formed a team of volunteer ambulance officers to support the one full-time paramedic provided by the NSW Ambulance Service.

Owing to its location in a natural bushland, Tottenham is also a haven for bird watchers. The area has recorded over 175 species of birds, including the Red – Winged Parrot, Painted Honeyeater, Black Falcon and Zebra Finch. Come and experience the centre of NSW for yourself!

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