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Trades Hall, Broken Hill


Step back in time.

Of all the old buildings that have survived in Broken Hill, the Trades Hall stands out. This historic building has been the home of the union movement in Broken Hill since it was built in 1905, with history made both within its walls and on the streets outside.

In the late 1800s, workers in the mines were responsible for their own safety. As a result, miners endured intolerable conditions; breathing silicon-laden dust underground or lead fumes from the smelters. Many died of miners’ phthisis or lead poisoning.

Massive attempts were made to improve working conditions, including a large strike in 1892 which was brutally put down by the mine bosses. While miners lost faith in unionism as a result, Trade Unions regained influence in the next century.

The Trades Hall is one of Broken Hill's most historically important buildings. Built and paid for entirely by the people of Broken Hill, it is the first privately owned Trades Hall in the Southern Hemisphere, and it stands today as a proud and fitting monument to all workers, past and present.

The Trades Hall is located at 228 Blende St, Broken Hill, NSW.

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