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Known as the gateway to the opal fields of Lightning Ridge, Glengarry and Grawin, Walgett is a true gem of Outback NSW. The town offers an authentic landscape and spectacular sunsets, and its streets hint at a prosperous past that still bubbles beneath the surface. There is more to this town than meets the eye, and with a mention in two Banjo Patterson poems - A Walgett Episode and Been There Before - Walgett has more than a few secrets up its sleeve.

The town takes its name from an Aboriginal word meaning ‘the meeting of two rivers’, a reference to Walgett’s position at the junction of the Namoi and Barwon Rivers. The lands surrounding Walgett are agriculturally rich and successful in the farming of sheep, cattle and wheat. While a port for paddle-steamers in a former life, Walgett is now a haven for fishing enthusiasts, and boasts eight rivers nearby offering Murray cod and yellowbelly.

Walgett is also the starting point of the famous Darling River Run, which stretches 730km from Walgett to Wentworth along the Darling River. This incredible drive is definitely one for the bucket list, as it snakes through isolated outback towns that were once thriving ports on the Murray-Darling river system, including Louth, Tilpa and Wilcannia. The route also takes in the magnificent Mungo National Park, which holds thousands of years’ worth of history and possibly the secret to the evolution of man.

The township of Walgett glows with warm hospitality and friendly locals. Accommodation options range from caravan parks and camping grounds to bed and breakfasts, motels and farmstays, with some hotels even offering swimming pools in which to escape the summer heat.  Walgett offers a true taste of the Outback, and at only a days’ drive from three capital cities, it’s yours to discover today.

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