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Walking Tracks in Morton National Park


Lace up those hiking shoes and start exploring this beautiful national park.

Morton National Park is an absolute must for nature lovers. This natural wonderland offers more than its fair share of spectacular views and dramatic scenery – to get a real taste of what this national park has to offer, here are three walking tracks that will get you right amongst it.


The West Rim walk is a 3.5km return journey through eucalypt forest and lush rainforest. This track is easy going and traces the western edge of the horseshoe-shaped escarpment leading to Renown Lookout, along the way providing breathtaking views of dramatic gorges and waterfalls. The path is naturally decorated with lush ferns and a towering forest canopy of coachwood, bloodwood and lilly pilly. In springtime, walkers will be treated to the beautiful scent of the flowering boronias and the purple-flowering chocolate lilies.


A slightly gentler walk is the 2.5km return East Rim walk. As you’d expect, this heads in the opposite direction and takes you through an ocean of wildflowers. Along this picturesque track, visitors will experience diverse native plants and trees, including dry eucalypt forest, grassy woodland, heathland and rainforest areas, as well as a variety of spectacular lookouts with views over the valley. Bird watchers are also in for a treat, with the foliage bursting with birdlife.


Located near Kangaroo Valley, the Three Views Walking Track is a much longer walk, stretching 12km one way – you’ll need about five hours to complete the trek. The trail is not a difficult one, however, and offers the chance to take in spectacular views from the track’s three cliff-edge viewing points. Follow the Brooks Plateau and Moolatoo Trig fire trails through open woodland and heath, and you’ll be rewarded with views of Lake Yarrunga, Tallowa Dam and the Shoalhaven River. This walk is suitable for all fitness levels, and the abundance of wildlife also makes it popular with older children.

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