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Town Bio



The historical New England town of Warialda may be small, but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in personality. Located on the Reddy Creek amid rolling hills and bushland, this picturesque country town can be found a mere two hours north of Tamworth along the famous Fossickers Way, a geographical convenience that saw it profit during the gold rush period. These days, Warialda is rich in farmland and natural beauty, and offers a tranquil rural escape from the confines of city living.

Warialda is known as the ‘Place of Honey’, a moniker thought to have originated from the abundant pollen of the tumbledown gum that bees collect to produce a surplus of good honey. The town is also known for the myriad stately heritage buildings scattered through the streets, all of which help to tell the tale of Warialda’s past.

Accommodation options include a motel, a hotel and a number of bed-and-breakfast cottages. The town is also very motorhome-friendly, so those who BYO house can comfortably set themselves up at either the Warialda Caravan Park or the Cranky Rock Nature Reserve. Add in the selection of restaurants and cafes that fill the streets, and you have yourself a veritable playground of natural and historical wonders, only seven and five hours from Sydney and Brisbane respectively.

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