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At the foot of the Great Dividing Range, surrounded by rolling hills and basking in sunshine, you’ll find the heritage-soaked town of Young. Once known as the ‘El Dorado’ of NSW, Young boasts a fascinating history rooted in gold, with the precious metal first discovered in 1860.The era of prosperity that followed saw Young hurtled to the forefront of colonial NSW, the relics of which can still be seen around town.

Young is fast gaining a reputation as a premier producer of cool-climate wines and premium reds, situated as it is in the heart of the rapidly emerging Hilltops wine region. The area is also widely regarded as the cherry capital of Australia, owing to the rich fields surrounding the valley that consistently grow not only the finest cherries, but also a variety of the highest-quality stonefruits.

The magic of Young doesn’t end when the sun sets; in fact, this is when the town lights up. On a clear night, the skies above Young offer perhaps the most stunning views of the cosmos in all of NSW, with the bright stars of the awe-inspiring Milky Way spread out over a blanket of dark sky.

Visitors are spoilt for choice in the accommodation stakes, with even the fussiest of travellers certain to be delighted by the wide selection of motels, caravan parks, guest houses, cottages and farmstays on offer. Young’s food scene is a treasure aching to be discovered, and in itself is well worth the two- and four-hour drives from Canberra and Sydney respectively. Immerse yourself in the distinct and diverse local produce that pours out of Young’s restaurants, cafes, pubs and bakeries, or head out to the region’s surrounding orchards and pick your own.  Add in the burgeoning cultural scene, which has been spearheaded by the growing number of festivals, events, galleries, and museums that call Young home, and you truly have a town like no other.

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