Depot Glen, Pooles Grave and Sturts Cairn

Access by Hawker Gate Road, Milparinka


Access by Hawker Gate Road, Milparinka
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The sites of Depot Glen, Poole's Grave and a cairn were built by the men of the Burke and Wills Expedition. They are located on a privately owned sheep station, Mount Poole, and are accessible from Hawker Gate Road and Milparinka township.

History in brief: In 1845, Captain Charles Sturt and his expedition ventured into the region known as the Corner Country. For several months the group camped beside a water hole in a rocky basalt glen, known as Depot Glen. By the time the rains finally came in July, James Poole, Sturt's second in command was very ill. He died a few days after the expedition broke camp to continue their search for an inland sea. Poole's body was buried beneath a beefwood tree, not far from Depot Glen.

There are many books written on the Burke and Wills Expedition and worthy of reading prior to travelling this region.

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