Googong Foreshores

Googong Dam Road, Googong, Queanbeyan


Googong Dam Road, Googong, Queanbeyan
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The Googong Foreshore area is ideal for sightseeing, fishing, bushwalking, picnicking, canoeing and sailing. Swimming is restricted to downstream of the weir wall only near the picnic areas and camping is not permitted. Googong Foreshores is located 10 kilometres south of Queanbeyan and the London Bridge area is a further 16 kilometres south towards Burra. The dam wall is 62 metres high and the spillway can be viewed from a car park at the northern end. It is the water catchment area for Canberra and Queanbeyan, a recreation area for public use and a wildlife refuge. London Bridge Arch is an interesting limestone formation, formed when water flowing along Burra Creek leaked through cracks in the limestone. These cracks were enlarged as the limestone was dissolved and worn away, forming caves and eventually the London Bridge Arch.

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