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Living Desert Sculptures, Broken Hill | Broken Hill City Council

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Broken Hill is a city seemingly designed for exploration, with the architecture providing a similar experience to looking at the rings of an old tree. The city’s many different styles – from basic huts to statements in stone – make it vividly clear how Broken Hill has evolved, and show the booms, the busts, and individual fortunes made and lost. Stroll the city streets for a real sense of how the ages overlap.

The multitude of galleries and museums scattered throughout the town's streets also offer a fascinating and in depth look into Broken Hill's past. Everywhere you turn, you'll find stories of people and characters who gave their all to help shape this incredible Outback town. Follow in their footsteps, and discover for yourself what makes Broken Hill so unique.

You can download our Broken Hill and Outback Visitor Information Guide here.

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